How to include your guestbook in a page ?

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How to include your guestbook in a page ?

Messagepar boulmontjj » Mer 30 Avr 2008, 23:40

How to integrate your visitors' book with an include into a page?

The publication of the guestbook by an inclusion of this one in a page (collectively called include) requires several manipulations.
In the typical procedure below, we are going to illustrate these manipulations by examples.

Important Double_NewLook skin is not yet include compatible since version 5 of the script.

In the whole of these examples, we shall consider that the guestbook has been installed in a folder " /scripts/agb/ " which can be different on your site as for example " alexguestbook ", "book", " livredor " according to your case.
Then, we consider that the page that call your guestbook is in folder " /pages " under the root of you site and is called " livre.php ".

Standard procedure :

• You have to prepare at first your page " livre.php " which will be your page to include your guestbook into and you put it in the folder "/pages".

• Then, go to your guestbook administration page and to the question " Do you wish to include the guestbook into a PHP file ?" check "yes" .

• Two frames of dialogue are then going to appear at the bottom of the general options administration page.

• In the compartment " Indicate here the absolute place of the file in which you wish to include the guestbook (under the shape /dossier1/dossier2/fichier_ou_a_lieu_linclusion.php): " inform this field as wanted.
In our example, the field will be informed by " /pages/livre.php " because the page is in the folder "/pages"
If your page had been in the root of your site, it would have been necessary to indicate " /livre.php ".

• Then enter the "enter" key and in the second frame of dialogue is then going to appear the code copy/past in your page in which you are going to include your guestbook.
This code, in our example with the "livre.php" page being in the folder "/pages" will be:
$chem_absolu = '../scripts/agb/';
include '../scripts/agb/index.php';

It will just necessary to add this code between <?php and ?> in your calling page :

Code : Tout sélectionner

$chem_absolu = '../scripts/agb/';
include '../scripts/agb/index.php';

• Always in the administration page, modify " page to be reloaded " with the name and the place of the page.
In our example, this page will be:
If this page had been on the folder root of your site, it would have been necessary to code:

• It is now necessary to modify "index.php" file of your guestbook (in our example, the one that is in the folder "/scripts/agb" on the server).
You have to replace the variable chem_absolu with the same that the one supplied by the script.
For our example, replace as this:
$chem_absolu = "../scripts/agb/";

• In the page in which you include the guestbook « /pages/livre.php », you have to add the link to the guestbook style sheet.
This link will be placed between <head> and </head> and looks like :

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<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../scripts/agb/templates/skins/AguestNew/alex_livre.css" />

If the guestbook had directly been installed in a folder "/agb" placed under the root, the link would have been :

Code : Tout sélectionner

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../agb/templates/skins/AguestNew/alex_livre.css" />

These examples are given supposing that you use AguestNew skin otherwise, replace by the skin chosen in the administration page.

Here we are, it does not remain to you more that to go to visit the page http://www.yoursite/pages/livre.php and you will discover your guestbook integrated into your site.

It is possible that the width of the messages frame is too big or that size of the characters is not convenient for you.
You can modify these parameters in the file /scripts/agb/templates/skins/le_skin_choisi/alex_livre.css

Concerning the width of the message frame, search at the top of alex_livre.css file somethign like :
#alexguestbook .body_txt {
/* body width - you can update it */
width: 750px;
Play with the width 750 to obtain the desired size but avoiding however coming down under the limit of 590px which risks to oblige you to move multiple elements in the skin.

Also, the size of the characters can be modified.
Always look at the top of this file for something as:
#alexguestbook {
/* background color - you can update it */
background-color: #FFFFFF;

font-family: arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif;
color: #000000;
font-size: 0.7em;
Play then with the 0.7 value to obtain the size you are lookking for.

Here were the main things we can tell you to use to realize an integration of your guestbook in a page. If however you meet problems, come on the forum to make some searches, the answers to your questions are probably there.

Have fun with include. ;-)
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