How to manage / follow-up messages ?

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How to manage / follow-up messages ?

Messagepar boulmontjj » Ven 11 Avr 2008, 16:11

The messages management is possible through the administration panel (accessible by the address where is your domain name and agb the folder in which the guestbook is installed) by clicking the option "Messages/Management" in the menu.

It's also there that you'll see the IP addresses, would you wish to bannish one of them.

Remember that an option in the administration "general options" allows you to hide the messages until you validate them.

How to delete one or several messages ?
To delete one or several messages, check the box in the column "delete" next to one or several messages, then click on the button "delete the selected messages".

How to validate one or several messages ?
Proceed the same way as for the deletion, just check the box in the column "validated" next to one or several messages then click on the button "apply the above validation choices".
Attention, uncheck already validated (checked) messages, they will become invisible in your guestbook.
If you wish to validate all the present messages (new feature of the version 5), you can simply check the box "Check/uncheck all" then click on the button "apply the above validation choices" to validate/unvalidate all messages on this page.

How to edit a message ?
To edit a message, click on the image looking like a notebook on the right of the message to be edited.
You will so open a edition window in which you can modify all the elements of the message.
Attention, once you validate the changes, it is not possible to undo them.

How to answer a message ?
You can answer each message by clicking on the image of a head with an arrow on the right of the message.
You will then reach a writing window in which you can type your answer.
Your answer will be displayed under the concerned message.

How to hide a message?
In the same way as it is possible to validate or to delete messages from this Management page, it is also possible to hide one or several messages.
Just uncheck the validation box next to this/these messages and click on the button to apply.
This allows you to keep some messages in the database without showing them publicly.
It will then be possible to re-validate them later if you want.

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