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Various often asked questions

Messagepar boulmontjj » Ven 11 Avr 2008, 15:26

I lost my identifiers to the administration page. What can I do ?
To retrieve your ID infos, you have to connect to your database (the most used software to do so is phpMyAdmin) via the address and ID supplied by your host. An example with a account - >, ID is the same as for the FTP access.
Then, view the content of the alex_livre_users table (default name of this table). Under phpMyAdmin, click the name of the table in the left menu, then click 'Display' in the top menu of the new page.
You now see a table mentioning the various administrators of the guestbook. Each line corresponds to an admin. Find your user name and pw in columns 'login' and 'pass'.

The installation of my guestbook goes wrong and I have an error message like "ERROR, impossible to write in the directory..."
It is very probably a problem of authorization in the mentioned directory.
You then have to modify the access rights of this directory.
For that purpose, use your file transfer software, for example FileZilla, to change the CHMOD.
It is necessary to make a right click on the file then "Attributes of the file".
Some software use the term permission" or "rights".

When you see the CHMOD window, you have to enter 777 in numeric value, or else check the boxes for read, write and execute on the folder (in that case, give all rights for everything).

I do not know how to add smilies. Where and how do I have to proceed ?
In the administration interface, you have a "Smileys > Management" item in the menu.
In this section, you can add an image from your computer.
Then you'll need to enter the replacement character chain (for example :miam: if it's food, :car: if your image represents a car, etc.)
Don't forget to validate.

How to add a language ?
To add a new language, you'll first need to go to the the "languages" directory.
There, choose the file you wish to translate ("francais.php" for example), make a copy of that file in the same directory with a new name ("japanese.php" for example).
Now you'll need to translate all the variables being there.
To view your guestbook with the new language, go to the "general options" of the admin page, you'll see your new language in the list of available ones. Just select it and confirm.

If you translated the book in a new language, please send us the language file so we can add it to the zip (and mention you in the translator's list if you wish). Your contribution will be much appreciated. ::d

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