How to customize the script, consequences

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How to customize the script, consequences

Messagepar boulmontjj » Ven 11 Avr 2008, 15:18

May I adapt the script to the look of my site?
The AlexGuestbook script is "delivered" with standard skins but you can also adapt the display of your guestbook according to your needs.

To modify the display parameters of your guestbook, go to "Guestbook skins" section in your administration page. There you can create new skins or modify those who already exist.

Attention :
  • Do not forget to select the skin to be used in the "options" part if you wish that the added skin is taken into account.
  • Certain parameters such as "<mx:text id="action_url"/>" are very important for the good functioning of the script. Do not delete these by mistake!

I wish to offer to my visitors the possibility to choose the language of the guestbook, how can this be done ?
Just modify the link to the guestbook to add the variable " lang " in parameter.

For exemple :

I wish to offer to my visitors the possibility to choose the skin of the guestbook, how do I do that ?
Just add the "skin" parameter to the link to your guestbook.

For exemple :
Or ... Pierre_new

Tip : do not forget to make a backup copy of the skin which you are going to modify to be able to restore it in case of error or if the result of your modifications does not correspond to your expectations.

Warning : the Alexguestbook team supports the script as well as the standard skins. On the other hand, we offer no support of customized skins because the situation would quickly become uncontrolled, seen the number of users of our script.
It will notably be the case when a update of the script can have an influence on the good functioning of the personalized skins

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