The script options : what does each setting do ?

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The script options : what does each setting do ?

Messagepar boulmontjj » Ven 11 Avr 2008, 10:18

About the usefullness of each parameter in the admin section : lexicon

Language :
As its name indicates it, you can choose here the language in which the book and the administration page are shown by default (you can modify it at will but you have to reload the administration page so that the modification is completely applied).

Skin to be used :
You can choose by this drop-down menu the skin which you want to use to show your visitors' book by default.
Note that you can create your own skin or modify existing skins.
See the "Customization" section of our FAQ.

Session duration in seconds for the adminnistration panel :
This parameter was created to close automatically the administration session after that time of validity for security reason.

You can adjust the time difference between the server and your country's time. Leave 0 if you do not need to adjust the time :
This parameter serves essentially if your site is hosted on a server in a country having a jet lag with yours. For example a French Web site which would be hosted in Quebec. Thanks to this parameter, messages will be timestamped at the local French time and not at the Quebec time.

Do you wish the admins to receive an E-mail when a new message is posted ? :
Does not call a comment except that this parameter is very important.
If you check "yes", you will have immediate knowledge of the (un)wanted messages.

Number of minutes before a visitor can post again :
This parameter was added to avoid spam but is not the best solution. It allows especially to bother the hostile persons but not the robots spammers who will not grow tired of reattempting regularly their luck. By putting 0 (zeros), there is not limit of time.

Date format :
This parameter allows to set how you'd like to see the date formatted. The standard format in France is d/m/Y (d for day, m for month, and Y for year).
All the combinations including letters d, m and Y are accepted as for example Y/m/d ( American format).

Do you wish to review posted messages before they are publicly visible in the Guestbook ? :
By checking "yes", the posted messages will appear only after your validation in the "Messages management" panel. If you check "no", messages will be integrated at once into the book and thus visible by all but you will have the possibility afterwards to modify them or delete them if you wish (spam messages for example) in the same "Messages management" panel.

Would you like the visitors to receive a "thank you" E-mail ?
If you check "yes", each visitor having added a message to your book will receive an "thank you" E-mail (if he/she mentioned his/her E-mail address). To modify this message, go to the"Automated answer" page.

Do you wish to ask the visitors to enter a security code ("captcha") when posting a message ?
By checking "yes", a random security code (captcha) will appear at the end of the form. This code must be seized again by the visitor for the message to be saved.
Some robots spammers try "to read" the code by optical recognition to by-pass this security measure. A simple solution to strengthen it is to choose other colors that the black on white default (somewhat easy for robots) but being attentive not to render it unreadable (e.g. yellow on orange) for human visitors.

Would you like the messages containing words you have censored (see "Censoring words" in the menu) to be refused ? :
You are able to censor words in messages posted on your book and to replace them by the word or sign you choose (see the "Censoring words" page). By checking "yes" for this option, the messages containing any of the words that you consider unwanted (the censored words) will be refused.
The visitor will be informed about the refusal but if he does not correct his message, it will not be recorded.

Would you like the messages containing URL to be refused ? :
This parameter allows to forbid to post messages containing addresses of Web sites and was added as supplementary measure against spam.

Would you like to post a link to the administration part at the bottom of the guestbook ?
If you check "yes", a link at the bottom center of your guestbook will be visible of all and will lead towards your administration page. You will not have more to enter than your identifier and your password to access your administration interface.

Would you like to post a link back to your website homepage or to another one ? :
This option allows to post a link to go out of your guestbook towards a page of your choice. This page can be the homepage of your site (by default if you leave the field empty), or another page at your convenience.

For the following 6 options:
Visitors can enter their (nick)name
Visitors can enter their E-mail address
Visitors can enter their website address
Visitors can select their country
Visitors can enter their city
Visitors can give a score to your site

If you do not check "do not propose", the field will be shown on the form.
You can also make each piece of information "private". When its the case, only the administrator will have knowledge of it in the admin part but it will not be shown on the guestbook.
You can also make "Mandatory" each of these field (required to post a message).

Show the search engine :
It's an internal search engine allowing to search for messages by keywords.
If you do not wish to propose these searches, check "no".

Would you like the 'Nickname' field to be selected (to have the focus) when the page is loaded ?
If the option is activated, when the book page is loaded, the Nickname field is already selected. The visitor can thus begin to fill in the form without having to click in the field with his/her mouse.

Number of messages to be shown on each Guestbook page :
You can set the number of messages which will be shown on each page of your guestbook.
Attention, setting this number too high can alter the design of your site and make the page slow to load.

Number of letters before a long word is cut :
Very long words can disrupt the display of your guestbook, notably by extending the width of the messages cells. Here you can set a maximum number of characters before a word is cut in several parts, making them go to the next line.

Maximum number of signs/letters allowed in a message (0 = unlimited) :
You can set here the maximum number of characters in a message to limit the length of the posted messages. By entering 0 (zero), this number of character will be unlimited.

Maximum number of smilies shown on the form (the others will still be viewable by clicking on the "+" sign) :
This parameter allows you to determine the number of smilies shown by default and thus limit the weight of the page. It will be possible for the visitor to see the other smilies by clicking on the provided link. To totally deactivate smilies, go to "Smileys > Management" and check "no" for the option "Do you Wish to authorize smileys?".

Do you wish to include the guestbook into a PHP file ?
By checking "yes", the script will generate the code you'll have to copy in your PHP page (see dedicated FAQ subject).

Page to reload for the Guestbook :
Here you can enter which page is to be loaded when the visitor posts a message. By default, it will just reload the guestbook but you might want to redirect him/her to the homepage.

Variable instructions sent as parameters (type # instead of $ in a variable) :
Allows you to add variables to be added to the URL when the guestbook is reloaded (for the links previous, following page). It can be very useful if you use a call of the style "m_page.php?page=livre_or" to show your guestbook. In that case, you will just have to register "page=livre_or" for variables in parameter and "ma_page.php" for the page to be reloaded.

Parameter setting of the "Guestbook title"

In this page, you can modify the "Title of the guestbook" which will be shown at the top of every page of your book, for each language.
If you use a single language, you can just enter the title of the book in this language.

Automated answer :

In this administration page, you can enter the text of the "thank you" messages that will be automatically sent to the visitors who signed your guestbook, if you activated this option (general options page).
You can set a different text for every language used.
The character string [PSEUDO] will be replaced by the nickname of the visitor and can be used as often as you want to personalize the message.

"Censoring words" page

On this page, you can establish the list of the censored words.
You just have to enter the word to be forbidden and the character string by which you want to replace it.

You have the possibility of entering the exact term or generic ones :
If you put sex, the exact word will be replaced by the character chain you have chosen.
If you put *sex*, all the words containing the term sex are forbidden.
If you put sex*, all the words beginning by sex are blocked.

You can enter as many words as you want.

Advice : if you enter an exact term, do not forget to indicate if needed the plural of the words you think about.

Attention The action resulting from this list of censored words will depend on the option you will have chosen in the general options, the option Would you like the messages containing words you have censored (see "Censoring words" in the menu) to be refused ? If you checked "yes" in this option, messages containing any of the censored words will be refused.
If you checked "no", the word or character chain will then be replaced by the replacement character chain that you have entered.

"Banishment" page

The first one is the IP address.
You will find the IP address of an unwanted visitor in the "messages management" page.
You can enter this address in the "Banishment" page, either the complete address, or as a generic IP address i.e. 201.55.15.* or 201.55.*.* or even since version 5 of the script 20*.55.1*.*

Very often, the IP address is "dynamic". That means they change at least once by connection. Forbidding an IP means blocking every person having received that IP at this moment from posting a message, whether it is a friend, a stranger or a spammer. According to our observations during these last months, it became extremely rare that a spammer comes back with the same IP. It is much more effective to block their e-mail addresses, nicknames and keywords (new features in version 5 of the script).

The second criterion of banishment is the nickname.
You can add or delete at your convenience as much nicknames to be banished as you want.

The third criterion of banishment is the e-mail address of the visitor.
Here you can enter the e-mail addresses of the visitors to banish.

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