What does the script need ?

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What does the script need ?

Messagepar boulmontjj » Ven 11 Avr 2008, 10:15

What do I need to use the script?
To be able to use our script you need:
  • A Web server (the place where your site is hosted, e.g. a Free.fr account , Infomaniak, OVH) ;
  • PHP version 4.3 at least. PHP 5 is recommended ;
  • A MySQL database : version 4 or 5, 5 being recommended. Our script supports MySQL in strict mode (available only in v5). Attention, for most of the hosts, MySQL is available but the database is not yet created, you have to activate or ask for it !
  • Your ID to access to the database, ID of your FTP access, the address of the database server and the name of the database (which must have beforehand been created).
If your host does not propose these options, you will not be able to use AlexGuestbook there.
You just have two solutions then, either you change host, or you do without our script :pleur4: .

Other prerequired stuff to use some options of the book (without these elements, the script works but some features will be unavailable) :
  • The complete PHP GD2 is necessary to use the security code (if this library is not installed, the script will warn you in the administration interface of the guestbook).
  • The PHP mail() function must be available to send the e-mails annonucing new messages or the "thank you" e-mails. Some hosts deactivated this function or replaced/renamed it (i.e.by the email() function).

How to know which functions are activated on your host server ?
To know all the PHP functions of your host, create a phpinfo.php file which will contain the three lines below :
Transfer this file on the server (in the root directory for example) then call it up with your usual browser (Mozilla, IE) by calling the URL:
http://www.monsite.fr/phpinfo.php by replacing " monsite.fr " by your site name of course.
You will then see all your host PHP parameters.

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