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How to install your guestbook ?

Publié : Ven 11 Avr 2008, 08:56
par boulmontjj
How to install the script ?
You have a MySQL database and its user name and password.
Download the last version of the script from our site and follow the installation instructions in the file "documentation\doc_english.htm".
The installation will take only a few minutes.

What are the parameters on ?
This question is often asked, then, during the installation of our script AlexGuestbook on, you must know that:
The database type is mysql ;
The server is ;
The login is your FTP user name;
The password is your SQL password ;
The name of the data base is your login.

Example, a site whose address is ""
The database type is mysql ;
The server is ;
The login is "monsite" ;
The password is the SQL password ;
The name of the database is "monsite".

What do I have to finish the installation of my book ?
Once the installation script is done, your guestbook is already operational.
But you can refine its installation by verifying and possibly modifying the parameters of the script.
To do that, go on your administration page.
To know the use of each parameter, you can check the subject The script options : what does each setting do ?

How to reach the administration page of my guestbook ?
To go to the admin page, go to (replace "" by your domain name and eventually "agb" by the name of the folder in which you installed your guestbook).
It's through this administration page that you can admin messages and change options : write this address somewhere or check the "show a link to the administration on the guestbook" option.

By security measure, once your guestbook is installed, delete the "setup.php" file from your server.