Download : Where, when and what do I have to download ?

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Download : Where, when and what do I have to download ?

Messagepar boulmontjj » Jeu 03 Avr 2008, 15:08

Where can I download the script ?

For a new installation, it's better to download the AlexguestBook script from our website ; doing so is the only way to be sure to get the latest version of the script and benefit of the latest updates and bugs fixes.

Do not download the script from other websites that propose downloads, which could offer you older versions (or worse, with added trojans or viruses).
If you arrived here after such a download, we recommend you to download again the script from our website and reinstall the script properly for safety reasons.

Never download the script from websites that sell it, as the script is free according to the license conditions and can not be sold by anybody but us if we propose again licences in the future.
If you encounter such a website, just let us know. We will take appropriate actions.

When do I have to download updates ?

There is no predefined frequency to download updates.
The best way to know if an update is available is to logon to your guestbook admin web page regularly.
If an update is available, you will see a flashing "update" picture in the menu, next to the "version" button.
The other way is to come here and check which version is available.

What do I have to download ?

For a new installation, download the entire script from the download section of this website and follow installation instructions in the "documentation" folder.
For a minor update, you can just download (if available) the smaller "update" ZIP from the Download section of our forum, which contain just the files that have changed.
The different downloads always contain instructions to update your script.

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