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Ici vous pouvez proposer vos skins ou télécharger ceux qui n'ont pas été développés par notre équipe - Here you can propose skins you have designed or download those who weren't designed by our team.

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How to use this forum

Messagepar Pierre G. » Lun 19 Nov 2007, 12:23

The @lexGuestBook team has opened this forum in order to allow the community a place to share what has been written for or around the @lexGuestBook script.

The seriousness of the script makes these exchanges serious too and bound to some rules. Here are the conditions to use this sharing place.


  1. Skins authors can make their creations publicly available here at these conditions :
    • Skins must be of good quality and obbey to W3C rules ( ) with the XHTML Transitional 1.0 option ;
    • Skins must respect morality and cannot have any pornographic, paedophile, racist character nor encourage weapons use (...) Subjects proposing such creations here will be immediately deleted.
    • Skin's size must be under 200kb (total) with no image file of more than 80kb in order to avoid slowing down the pages thus jeopardizing the quality of the script.
  2. The authors will open a discussion for each skin. Each subject/discussion will mention :
    • a short description of the creation ;
    • a link to a demo page, which can be either a simple screen capture or a guestbook using this skin ;
    • a link to download the skin.
  3. The authors certify having submitted their creation to one or several antivirus program before making them available in order to avoid any virus spreading.
  4. The authors certify that all parts used in their skin creation are copyrights free. They also respect the copyrights of the skin(s) they based their creation upon by leaving the original copyright or by mentionning "skin based on 'name_of_the_skin' by xxxxx".
  5. The AlexGuestBook website cannot host these "external" skins.
  6. The AlexGuestBook team will not offer support for the skins in this section ; the authors are encouraged to support their skins here or on their own website (please mention it in your post). They are also invited to inform users of udates, corrections, improvements or adaptation to newer versions of AlexGuestbook here, in the original subject.

  1. Skins proposed here are creations of other @lexGuestbook users and engage their sole responsability.
  2. The @lexGuestBook team will not assume any responsibility for any damage resulting from downloading or using the skins proposed here. We ask any user who would have experienced such damage to inform us, so that we can take appropriate mesures and reduce the risk for other users.
  3. The @lexGuestBook team will not offer support for the skins downloaded in this section.
    Users encountering problems either installing or using the skin, or willing to discuss about a skin or report any information about it will do so directly to the author on his site or here in the concerned subject. They will not open a new subject here nor elsewhere in this forum, which is devoted to the @lexGuestbook script and official skins.
  4. Users must respect the copyrights of the authors, i.e. by leaving the copyright text or "skin designed by xxxxx" as is.

The @lexGuestBook team advises users to :
  • Make a backup copy of their entire Guestbook (database and files) before any installation ;
  • Submit the downloaded skins to an antivirus software before any attempt to use them.
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