Latest changes made in the ZIP since version 5.0.1

Comment installer et mettre à jour - How to install and update.

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Latest changes made in the ZIP since version 5.0.1

Messagepar Pierre G. » Lun 21 Avr 2008, 17:18

Please note : the English version of this subject will always be updated a little later than the French version, but it shouldn't be more than a few hours.

We open here a new subject here to list the minor corrections or updates we added in the latest online version.
Indeed, some users inform us of bugs, problems with particular configurations or send us newly translated language files. These changes concern only a few users and thus do not require a upgraded version number. This one will be upped once a significant amount of changes will have been made or when an important update (security breach, new feature or correction of an annoying bug) will be available.

For each change in the current version, we'll tell you here what has changed and how to update your version if you feel it's useful for you (these chnages are not mandatory).

Here's the list of changes we made in version 5.0.1 since its first release :
  • Added Dutch v5 updated translation : replace file /languages/dutch.php
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Re: Latest changes made in the ZIP since version 5.0.1

Messagepar Malabar » Lun 28 Avr 2008, 18:34

Added Dutch v5 updated translation
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