NEW Alex Guestbook Version 5.0.4

This brand new version is available since May 19, 2012 (use the menu above smile )

Guestbook test & demo versions

To see and test the guestbook, you can click on the following links. You'll always see the same Guestbook but with different looks/skins and/or in different languages :

"Simple" skins (entry form and messages on the same page) included in the download :

"Double" skins (where the "read" and "write" parts are on separate pages) included in the download :

Un aperçu des langues disponibles :

The full list of available languages is in the presentation of the script

Guestbook "admin" demo :

For now, it is not possible to show you a "live" demo of the admin section.
This part is being rebuild.
We can only show you a couple of screen captures of the main page (present version of the guestbook) :

guestbook main options   messages management

(Click on the pics to zoom in)